Domestic violence charges are serious offences and require legal representation from an experienced domestic assault lawyer in Winnipeg.

Our lawyers are experienced in all types of domestic and assault charges, including but not limited to:

Assault, Assault causing bodily harm, Assault with a weapon, Aggravated assault, Utter threats, Sexual assault, and Sexual interference.

KAVANAGH LAW GROUP lawyers will ensure your rights are protected and explore all legal options available to you.

Criminal charges not only put the accused at risk of getting a criminal record (along with penalties of jail, job loss, and travel problems), it also results in an automatic no contact undertaking or bail release condition that forces the accused to immediately:

  • Move out of the house, and
  • Have no communication, either directly or indirectly, with their spouse, wife/husband, or partner.

KAVANAGH LAW GROUP lawyers will work to get you the best possible outcome, which can include charges being stayed / dropped.

If you are looking for a domestic or sexual assault lawyer in Winnipeg, KAVANAGH LAW GROUP lawyers are here to provide the representation you need.

We will make sure you fully understand the charges against you and provide legal guidance throughout the process.

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